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Shayna is based out of La Jolla, CA and is the Media & Communications Fellow for Waitt Institute. She aims to communicate conservation messages through visual media and is a photographer, graphic designer, videographer, and drone pilot.

Photography & Videography

Shayna is currently the staff photographer for the Waitt Institute. She has photographed with National Geographic for the NatGeo Bioblitz, used photography for whale and dolphin research in photo-identification studies, and worked as a wedding & event photographer. Her most recent film "Unmanned" is a short documentary that investigates the role of drone use with marine mammals.


Shayna worked as the community manager for the tech startup for two years. She has also worked in an outreach and educational setting for many animal rescues, aquariums, and NGOs including The Wild Animal Sanctuary, Colorado Ocean CoalitionHeal the Bay, Star Eco Station, and the Denver Aquarium. While at the University of Colorado, she received a National Science Foundation funded grant to make short films about the fire ecology, that was featured in the "Burning Issues" exhibit at the Natural History Museum in Boulder.


She graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology. She has worked on research projects studying fish behavior, fire ecology in the Rocky Mountains, and marine mammal populations and behavior in South Africa, New Zealand, and California. 

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